8th Grade iCore 2018-2019 - All YearJustin CoheaPeriod 1Room 1

  • Course Description: This class is designed to help students develop reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills which will include the exposure to multiple types of literature with additional student support.
  • Reading Material: The class novels will include Frankenstein, Wonder, Anne Frank, and Number the Stars. In addition, student will reading fluency passages in weekly homework packets, selected poetry and short stories. Some of the short stories included may be “The Tell Tale Heart”, “Monkey’s Paw”, “The Lottery”, and “Ponies”.
  • Grading policy: All assignments must be turned in on time unless one of four homework passes for a trimester are used, and then students receive an additional day to complete the work. Assignments and exams will be placed in one of four weighted categories: tests/quizzes, writing assignments, classwork/participation, and homework. See the class syllabus for percentage breakdowns.
    • A = 90-100%
    • B = 80-89%
    • C = 70-79%
    • D = 60-69%
    • F = below 60%