7th Grade History 2017-2018 All YearKenneth BaptistaPeriod 7Room 17

Welcome to World History!

During this school year, we will be studying several societies, kingdoms, religions and empires from around the world, beginning with the fall of Rome and concluding with the age of Enlightenment. Across the curriculum, we will investigate the interactions of culture, trade, scholarship, philosophy, religion, and conquest. We will also contrast Europe’s Dark Age with its Renaissance. This rebirth of knowledge and art, in turn, will lead mankind to undergo a revolution in science, reform Christianity, explore the world, and establish the Colombian trade.

The end result of our studies will be the Enlightenment. During this period, people came to understand that the natural state of man is one of freedom; thus all people are entitled to self-government and such governments must protect the inalienable rights of its people. These concepts are the foundations of the 8th grade US History curriculum.