8th Grade Promotion Activities, Participation Requirements

1.  A student must earn a cumulative 2.0 or greater GPA  to participate.
2.  Due to printing time constraints, students who have not earned a cumulative 2.0 or greater GPA by 3rd trimester progress reports (April 14, 2022) will not have their name printed in the promotion program.
3.  A student may not have an "F" in the 3rd trimester.  If your student has an "F", they will not be allowed to participate in ANY promotion activities (i.e. promotion, Great America, last day of school activities)
4.  Any suspension in the 3rd trimester shall result in student losing his/her privilege going to Great America and promotion dance. 
If you have any questions regarding the above and think your child may be in danger of not promoting, please call the office and speak with Mr. Gaston.  838-7095.