Athletics » Participating


El Portal Middle School highly encourages students to participate in the many athletic programs offered after school. Basketball, softball and volleyball are limited to 7th and 8th grade students. Cross Country, track, soccer and wrestling are offered for all students.

Required Documents

Health Statement & Parent/Guardian’s Consent (Sports Physical)

Participation in any El Portal Middle School athletic program requires students to have a sports physical completed and signed by a parent and doctor prior to the student participating in the program, including try-outs or practice. Completed Health Statement & Parent/Guardian’s Consentmust be brought to the El Portal Middle School office for verification and to be kept on-file. Sports physicals expire one year from the date of the physical.

Athletic Code of Conduct Agreement

All participating students and their parent are required to complete and sign our Athletic Code of Conduct Agreement.


Eligibility Requirements

All Day Attendance

All students in extra-curricular activities must be in school all day on the day of the activity in order to participate in a game or practice. Students with doctor or dentist appointments or other special circumstances must come to school for the remainder of the day to be eligible to participate. Students who are ill, sleep in, cut and miss one period or more will not be allowed to participate.


2.0 Grade Point Average

In order to be eligible to participate in extra or co-curricular activities, a student in grades 7 through 12 shall have earned a minimum 2.0 grade point average during the preceding grading period with no “F” grades. (Board Policy 5131.3) This policy also applies to 6th graders who choose to participate.


Positive Record of Citizenship

As a condition for maintaining eligibility for participation in extra or co-curricular activities, each student shall also maintain a positive record of citizenship. A student shall not be eligible for participation if s/he receives 2 unsatisfactory marks in citizenship during the preceding grading period. (Board Policy 5362)


No Suspension

A suspension from school will result in an immediate loss of privilege for an amount of time to be determined by an administrator.